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Single-serving restaurants

One of the great things about living in New York is the selection of restaurants. Whether that means eating while blindfolded in Greenwich Village, trying not to choke on live octopus in Queens, exploring Chinatown for the cheapest dumplings, or … Continue reading

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Automating Laundry

When living in South Africa I associated the word weekend with relaxation. In New York, we don’t have the luxury of domestic labor, so I now associate the weekend with household chores. We’ve automated cleaning as much as we can. Our … Continue reading

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I really want this notebook

Wow, how crazy is the Sony Z-series notebook – Core i7 2.8/3.43Ghz, 512GB SSD drive, 8GB RAM, Full HD, dedicated graphics… in a 13.1″ notebook! Did I mention this is the lightest notebook PC on the market? At 1.38kg it’s the … Continue reading

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LAN Party Subway Rides

On the NYC subway each morning, everyone with an iPhone or Android is playing Angry Birds. You can literally walk through the train and see it. Next month people will be be playing something else of course, whatever is popular … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing airport security

Bruce Schneier has posted two articles that captured my attention in the last two days. The first is about the old white man who became a young asian man in mid-air, and he quotes from his book Beyond Fear: As … Continue reading

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Every Developer Needs a Solid State Drive

Four months ago I decided it was time to join the SSD revolution and purchased some Intel X-25M drives for our development team. The initial downside was that it’s not an easy process to move a Windows installation from a … Continue reading

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Test-driven development is a self-fulfilling prophecy

I hold a lot of respect for TDD, a practice we benefit from a lot at our company. However, lately I’m reading more and more blog posts suggesting that TDD is the #1 most essential factor to writing good code. That … Continue reading

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